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Why would an individual want to use IP masking software? Some would be quick to say they are on the Internet doing sketchy stuff, but this is small minority. There are many legitimate reasons to utilize an IP masker. Before explaining why to use one, we have to know how they work. The IP Address is a tool that websites use to know who accesses their site. Through this IP address, they can tell where your computer is sitting in the world, block you from using their site, and more. Most sites now block by IP address, meaning you can’t just make a new user name and continue surfing.

Sometimes, when a sporting event is taking place, in order to drum up sales for tickets, sites related to broadcasting the game will be blocked locally. You may have wondered how they do this. It is not magic: they simply look at your IP address, see you are in the area where the event is taking place, and block you accordingly. By masking your IP, you can surf the websites with no problem, as this new IP you are assigned will not show you are in the location.IP Masking

When you get into the airport, and lay your bag down for a long layover, you may see people on their computers. This free Wi-Fi is useful and convenient, but completely unsafe. Everything on these networks can be accessed by any other the users, making it a great place for hackers to steal your information. Imagine if they got to your bank account as you checked it in the airport lobby! The best IP masking programs will offer encryption services, to keep your data and you safe through strong coding.

If you have ever been out of the country and tried to watch your favorite shows from your hometown, you would have been disappointed. Due to copyright laws and murky rules when cross-country, many of these shows are blocked. By using an IP masker though, you can be assigned an IP address in your home country, and then be able to catch your favorite shows, just by firing up the program. The best IP masking programs will have multiple servers, all over the world, for you to select from.

Another huge problem of surfing the Internet in a foreign country is the censoring. Similar to the television shows, your favorite sites, or just any sites could be blocked. In China, for instance, many websites are blocked. If you were there, you would be banned too, as you are operating off of a Chinese IP address. Again though, simply boot up your IP masker, get a United States IP address, and you’ll be surfing your sites like you were back at home. Also, this new IP address will convert the language back to your native tongue for you too: no more puzzling over a language you cannot understand!

Websites requiring log-in names and passwords are often moderated by very strict people. If they don’t like what you said, they can IP ban you: both your user name and your IP will be banned from using the site again. Your IP masker can fix this easily though. Simply delete your computer’s cookies, make a new name, and change your IP using the masker’s servers, and you will be posting away again. Theoretically, this could be done an infinite number of times.

The possibilities for the IP masker are unlimited. Can you afford not to be using one? I suggest that you consider Mask IP address by Privacy Partners.

Let me start by explaining that your IP address is basically a way for websites to identify your computer, where you are located in the world and what business owns that particular IP address. With your IP address, websites can then block you from gaining access to their website. So not only can they block you based on your user name but also by your IP address.

Did you know that when you visit one of your competitors websites using your company computer that they know you have been to their site? And based on your IP address, your competitor can either block you or even re-route you to a different landing page so you don’t know how they are actually marketing their products. With an IP masking product, you will be routed through their IP proxy server giving you an anonymous IP that is not associated with your company and you can therefore see exactly how they are marketing their products.

If you do any type of Google Adwords marketing and you are promoting your product outside of where you are located, you will not see those ads because Google basis their ad display on the users IP address location. In order for you to see those ads, you would need to have an anonymous IP that is associated with that particular country. For example, if you are in India and you are promoting your service in the US, you would need an IP masking product with IP proxy servers in the US for you to see how your ads are being displayed.

Have you ever wanted to promote your product anonymously on a website and wondered why your posts weren’t being displayed? Once again, the website knows what organization you are posting from because of the owner of the IP address that you are using. By using an IP masker product, you are completely anonymous on the Internet and can promote your own product.

Has a website ever banned you from their website when you really didn’t do anything wrong but you need to access that website for your business? By changing your user name and password, deleting your cookies and using an IP masker product, you can then have access to the website that has banned you. You want to make sure that the IP masking product has multiple IP addresses, just in case you get banned again.

Some people may think that using an IP masker product is unethical but I can pretty much bet that all your competitors are doing it and I believe we all have a right to promote our products. I’m sure there are Internet marketers that may use an IP masking product for malicious reasons and hopefully their black-hat methods will get them caught.

I suggest that you consider Mask IP address by Privacy Partners.

There have always been criminals in any society. Wherever someone has wealth and enjoys prosperity due to their hard work, some other denizen of society who gives no effort into life comes and along and robs him of it. The most classic example of the criminal.

This type of criminal would have a starring role in an old mobster film, the ones so overplayed they would be in a stark non-color version. As with their movie persona, these guys committed some atrocities. The film portrayals simply scared viewers, but street crooks are the ones to be held accountable for most of the fright and damage to citizens. These bad guys are the ones who make the streets unsafe at night, and are bait for sensationalist news reports adding to the hysteria.

These guys were the worst of the worst in their time. They were the scum of the Earth, the ones that, when families saw their mug shots on television, would shield their kid’s eyes, as if their gaze had some strange powers. These were the reasons that America walks on eggshells with its prison system. It is a strange thing that such a free society breeds: you have these excellent freedoms, yet it is just hoped for that you will not abuse them. Unfortunately, while most of us follow our guidelines, guys like these don’t and it affects the rest of us harshly.

The criminals of the olden days, the kind that would stop you in a desolate corridor with their various weapons and then pilfer all of your goods, although were at one time the worst of the worst, are child’s play to our bad guys of recent. The criminals of today have one huge advantage: they have assimilated technology into their misdeeds. One might at first consider that technology is with the boys in blue, making it simpler and more efficient to get these criminals, but in fact it helps the crooks to hide themselves. The criminals have become one with the high-tech equipment and become very skilled in its use.

Think of the average crime scene. An sly criminal who wanted some money would see a rich-looking person, and judge their odds of winning. Weapons brandished and in a sequestered location they would confront their target, wave the gun around, and proceed to take their money. Once they get all of the money out of the wallet, they would tell the victim to not call the police. They would then sprint all of the way to their hideout and lay low for a little while, until the police were off of them.

In those times of old, only very rudimentary methods of catching the criminals existed, nothing like using satellite location and GPS tracking. These factors did not hurt the law too much though: with a well-staffed and highly trained police force, the thief was often caught quickly. There was not any tools of the trade they could make use of to try and scramble the evidence or hide themselves quickly. Once they were apprehended, there was no DNA clues to tie them at the crime scene, instead there was only a basic line-up and the victim, where the victim identified their abuser.

Technology to the rescue then, right? Unfortunately, this is not all true. While our steps in producing DNA tracking, fingerprints and other high tech commodities, these tools also aid the suspect’s evasion of justice. An automobile is the highest technology a criminal today needs to disappear; it doesn’t matter is they know the criminal’s name. If they can’t go out and get them, all of their data and leads are just paperweights. Many criminals, like hackers and identity thieves accomplish their economic raids through the web, so there is not a real crime scene!

A crime where there is no scene; the perfect crime. These online perpetration’s are quite difficult for law enforcement, as there is no real site of the deed, and a criminal can conceal while online. Another harrowing fact is that these identity thieves and hackers, as was stated before, are not usually caught and carried to justice. So not many reliable ways through to effectively thwart them, we can only hope to preemptively hide ourselves from their attacks. Always be very wary online, and protect yourself with a variety of online safety tools such as an IP masker. Steer clear of darkened alleyways!

The Internet is a place where the freedom of speech reigns free more than anywhere else. For example, many sites have a part where you can voice your opinion about the page or respond to someone else’s comment. YouTube is one such site, where you are allowed to comment, whether it be negatively or positively about someone’s video. MySpace is also another good example in the social atmosphere, as your comments can either be supporting or rude.

The most important aspect of the Internet is attaining anonymity. You may not realize, but people and information can be tracked over the net very easily. Criminals and thieves can use one’s IP address to find out about their online life and learn things about their real life as well. Your computer has an IP address attached up to it that acts as a virtual dog tag, and this is how Internet interlopers find and rob you. Why the IP address is completely public and so easy to find has baffled some privacy advocates.

There is a new controversy beginning on the Internet though, having to do with comments: being anonymous and leaving an opinion. While some believe it is unfair to not have your name known online, it is actually quite a security hazard to put so much information out there, and thusly, being anonymous is simply a safety precaution.
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Many people ask “How to mask your IP address?”  Another good question might be why instead.  Let’s focus on both issues.

First on why you mask your IP, the reason is simple.  You are trying to either access a website that is blocking your IP address or you want to be anonymous.  Masking an IP address will enable you to bypass restrictive blocks.

For example, many US service men and women stationed overseas want to access US-based websites.  Many of these sites block visitors from outside the US.  Usually these blocks are commercially motivated.  Media sites are notorious for this.  If you look at Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, Hulu, and yes the list goes on.  Each one of them blocks visitors from outside the US.  As far as I can tell the basic reason is advertising revenue.  While the shows may be popular overseas, the advertisers are only willing to subsidize the costs of these sites for visitors that can potentially buy their products.  It’s hard to argue with that logic.  It may feel wrong to some, but it takes money to run these sites and bandwidth costs money.

Another reason to use an IP Masker is to bypass posting limits.  Many sites restrict the amount of content that you can post in a given time period.  They do this to avoid spam content on their sites.  Again, a reasonable answer to a problem that they have is to restrict access based on cookies, or logins or IP addresses.

For people trying to mask their IP address, they may or may not agree with the reasons.  All they know is they want to “Mask my IP”.  For them they need to use IP masking software or websites.

The way these IP maskers work is by substituting their IP address for yours.  This not only changes the IP address, it also masks your geographic location.  The IP address will now show the location of the IP masking service and not your IP address.

The following diagram shows how IP masking works.

IP Masking diagram

As you can see all Internet traffic is routed through the IP masker and thus uses it’s IP address instead of yours.

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