Why would an individual want to use IP masking software? Some would be quick to say they are on the Internet doing sketchy stuff, but this is small minority. There are many legitimate reasons to utilize an IP masker. Before explaining why to use one, we have to know how they work. The IP Address is a tool that websites use to know who accesses their site. Through this IP address, they can tell where your computer is sitting in the world, block you from using their site, and more. Most sites now block by IP address, meaning you can’t just make a new user name and continue surfing.

Sometimes, when a sporting event is taking place, in order to drum up sales for tickets, sites related to broadcasting the game will be blocked locally. You may have wondered how they do this. It is not magic: they simply look at your IP address, see you are in the area where the event is taking place, and block you accordingly. By masking your IP, you can surf the websites with no problem, as this new IP you are assigned will not show you are in the location.IP Masking

When you get into the airport, and lay your bag down for a long layover, you may see people on their computers. This free Wi-Fi is useful and convenient, but completely unsafe. Everything on these networks can be accessed by any other the users, making it a great place for hackers to steal your information. Imagine if they got to your bank account as you checked it in the airport lobby! The best IP masking programs will offer encryption services, to keep your data and you safe through strong coding.

If you have ever been out of the country and tried to watch your favorite shows from your hometown, you would have been disappointed. Due to copyright laws and murky rules when cross-country, many of these shows are blocked. By using an IP masker though, you can be assigned an IP address in your home country, and then be able to catch your favorite shows, just by firing up the program. The best IP masking programs will have multiple servers, all over the world, for you to select from.

Another huge problem of surfing the Internet in a foreign country is the censoring. Similar to the television shows, your favorite sites, or just any sites could be blocked. In China, for instance, many websites are blocked. If you were there, you would be banned too, as you are operating off of a Chinese IP address. Again though, simply boot up your IP masker, get a United States IP address, and you’ll be surfing your sites like you were back at home. Also, this new IP address will convert the language back to your native tongue for you too: no more puzzling over a language you cannot understand!

Websites requiring log-in names and passwords are often moderated by very strict people. If they don’t like what you said, they can IP ban you: both your user name and your IP will be banned from using the site again. Your IP masker can fix this easily though. Simply delete your computer’s cookies, make a new name, and change your IP using the masker’s servers, and you will be posting away again. Theoretically, this could be done an infinite number of times.

The possibilities for the IP masker are unlimited. Can you afford not to be using one? I suggest that you consider Mask IP address by Privacy Partners.

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