Let me start by explaining that your IP address is basically a way for websites to identify your computer, where you are located in the world and what business owns that particular IP address. With your IP address, websites can then block you from gaining access to their website. So not only can they block you based on your user name but also by your IP address.

Did you know that when you visit one of your competitors websites using your company computer that they know you have been to their site? And based on your IP address, your competitor can either block you or even re-route you to a different landing page so you don’t know how they are actually marketing their products. With an IP masking product, you will be routed through their IP proxy server giving you an anonymous IP that is not associated with your company and you can therefore see exactly how they are marketing their products.

If you do any type of Google Adwords marketing and you are promoting your product outside of where you are located, you will not see those ads because Google basis their ad display on the users IP address location. In order for you to see those ads, you would need to have an anonymous IP that is associated with that particular country. For example, if you are in India and you are promoting your service in the US, you would need an IP masking product with IP proxy servers in the US for you to see how your ads are being displayed.

Have you ever wanted to promote your product anonymously on a website and wondered why your posts weren’t being displayed? Once again, the website knows what organization you are posting from because of the owner of the IP address that you are using. By using an IP masker product, you are completely anonymous on the Internet and can promote your own product.

Has a website ever banned you from their website when you really didn’t do anything wrong but you need to access that website for your business? By changing your user name and password, deleting your cookies and using an IP masker product, you can then have access to the website that has banned you. You want to make sure that the IP masking product has multiple IP addresses, just in case you get banned again.

Some people may think that using an IP masker product is unethical but I can pretty much bet that all your competitors are doing it and I believe we all have a right to promote our products. I’m sure there are Internet marketers that may use an IP masking product for malicious reasons and hopefully their black-hat methods will get them caught.

I suggest that you consider Mask IP address by Privacy Partners.

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