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Though the web has allowed this easy flow of info, the recurring connectivity has also made us exposed to frequent and vicious attacks by an array of web-borne malicious programs – be it Trojans, worms, spyware, back doors, wabbits, root kits, exploits, key loggers or many others. Irrespective of what their name or form, all of these malwares attempt to destroy your work or attack your personal privacy. And the only possible way to stop them (aside from renouncing all internet-based appliances and turning into a hermit in some extremely remote forest or mountaintop) is to utilise the best available antivirus and security program.

But how can we know which software is the ‘best’? This is an assembled review of the indispensable features any antivirus or protection programme must have to even be thought to be a contender for the crown of the ‘best protection software’:

- Provide optimal security. This is definitely the most significant quality any antivirus and security software must need to be considered even close to ‘best’. Good security programme must protect not only from standard malware like Trojans, phishing attacks and worms, but also be similarly wary of shady new assailants like root kits, wabbits or exploits. To do that, it must have a good variety of checkers, including real-time scanner, on-demand scanner, heuristic scanner, on-access scanner, compressed file scanner, regular prepared scans, instant messaging and web mail protection, script obstructing, and regular automatic virus and programme updates. The reliability of anti-bug software is checked only thru the installation of that software in an infected machine and checking how well they manage somehow to clean up the infection. The other way to look at the effectiveness of the anti virus is to upload it on to your machine and then try updating an infected file. The blocking capacity of the programme will tell you how good the programme is. Generally you needn't do this, as it has been done already for you by testers.

- Simplicity of installation and download. Often , even the best antivirus and security software could be let down by the difficulty experienced in downloading it and installing it. And whether or not the security software is well supplied to cope with all kinds of malware, it may not function properly as it is improperly installed.

- Operation on all of the major web appliances- often , antivirus and defending software, though well designed, operate only on certain specific appliances or operating software systems, and so can't be used by many web users who make use of a different web device or OS. So, to be one of the finest antivirus and guarding applications, the protection programmes must operate on maximum number of OS and appliances. Good support base – the best antivirus and security applications always have a good support base, including a 24/7 phone and email helpline, and knowledgeable support staff.

The best antivirus and safety applications could be defeated, not by malware, but by our own inattentiveness. Most web devices today come with demo version safety applications, but often we forget to replenish or update them, leaving our computers at risk.

Julia Sanders is a seasoned moral hacker and software specialist, who has written 1 or 2 articles on software security. She actually endorses Bitdefender sphere security, for home and office use. To know more about her, log onto

The threat of a user’s personal information landing in the wrong hands is a real problem nowadays. Different software programs have been devised to enable collection of personal information from unsuspecting computer users. Using anti keyloggers, it is possible to detect these programs to assist in removing and disabling their functionality. Other measures are also needed to counter this menace and reduce the chances of falling victim.

For starters, leaving your computer in a usable state, even briefly, is asking for trouble. A person with ill motives can quickly install a spying program to capture whatever you type in. Many of these programs are installed by people who are close to the victim, like work mates. Once the set up is complete, the program then transmits your information to the intended recipient. Always log off or shutdown the computer when not in use.

Public computers can be a menace if attackers decide to target them. While it may not be possible for you to avoid them totally, reduce their usage to a minimum. If you need to have sessions where you will type in data such as credit card numbers, use your own computer instead. Since you have no way of knowing what lies in such public systems, the best way is to avoid them.

When accessing the internet, be alert for sites that spread malicious code. Any unusual behavior should be a warning of potential problems. In some cases, sites that are familiar to you can get infected too. This is where a quality protection software is required to notify you of such problems. In case a warning is generated, exit the site to avoid exposing your system unnecessarily.

There will be less risk on your part if you update the web browser on your system regularly. Developers tend to create updates for these programs to make them safer for use by the public. Delaying these updates can lead to exposure to exploitation of any weakness identified by criminals. As new versions are developed, deploy them as soon as possible to remain protected.

Weaknesses can also be introduced to your system by installing programs from untrustworthy sources. Any program whose developer cannot be verified or whose reviews cannot be traced online needs to be approached with caution. Always confirm that what you are installing is known and appreciated by others and that there are no known security issues.

Whenever possible, initiate plans to scan your computers routinely for possible problems. Doing this often will minimize the risks, while ensuring that infections are noted soon enough. Using the right tools, the level of protection is increased. If a malicious program stays long enough without detection, the risks are significant since more data may have been collected.

Data protection is a serious concern to many people who use computers. By taking adequate measures, the level of risk is easier to manage. Using anti keyloggers is one of the ways that users can protect themselves from unauthorized data collection. Regular use of such tools is the best way to protect personal information from being accessed illegally.

Read more about Tips For Avoiding Losing Private Data And Why Anti Keyloggers Are A Must Have visiting our website.

Believe it or not, there is, however, an especially strong connection between internet sites you surf on web and software you install on your PC. To paraphrase, your internet computer activities are very well connected with your offline computer activities. For example, if you frequently visit Gmail, probabilities are extremely higher that you could have installed GTalk or a Gmail notifier on your Pc. Same like this, if you regularly visit Yahoo! Mail, then you could have installed Yahoo! Messenger on your Computer, if you are a Facebook addict, then a Facebook Messenger for Windows and the list grows.

But how is this system attached to malicious software infections? Well, read on the points given below (which were originally published on and you will find out how are your net activities connected with the malicious software found on your PC:

1. Illegal music and movie download sites: Often these guys compel you to install a small programme on your Computer for getting content from their site. And in several cases, these downloaders are bundled together with malware. While you cheerfully download your free MP3 or pictures, they download some other viruses and Trojan programs as well. Often they lay tracking cookies in your browser for tracking your browsing habits and redirecting you to their site.

2. Software piracy websites: If you are fond of using free computer software, cracks, serials numbers and so on. Then you could be a victim of this sort of infection. Regularly these sites contain fake cracks which are nothing except a malicious software. Also many crack developers develop a working crack and disburse it with malicious software for taking control of your Personal computer.

3. Peer-to-peer file sharing services: The file sharing community is also crammed with lots of bootleg films, music and software. It's also not surprising to see that everywhere the client software of these services is located, spyware is also found. In fact folks using these services merit malicious software infection in my viewpoint, because these communities are rather involved in illegal activities and software piracy.

4. Pop-up and pop-under advertisements: Many times when you visit some websites, a pop-up window may open and start downloading illegal and evil programs. And that is not all, a pop-under window could also get opened for doing the same job in background and you will not even come to understand about it. You can prevent such windows by using a safe browser like firefox with an inbuilt pop up blocker.

Matt Bridger is an antiviruses and security software expert in Bitdefender Inc. He actually recommends you to use Bitdefender Total Security 2013 for providing best protection to your Computers.

Antivirus industry and field is really enormous, just about 3 dozens of software exist on my list and many are still not listed because they do not appear very good to me. Though programs supply a different functionality, features and user-interface, still their goal is definitely the same: shielding your computer from viruses, malware, malware etc. And providing you reassurance. The programme that performs this job in the best manner is considered best antivirus program.

So today I'm going to tell you about top 3 very effective antivirus programs (which were published on that actually work and supply you enough security for your Computer. Please take a look at them:

1. Norton Antivirus And 2012: From a few years Norton has been a top scorer on my list and it has followed the trend again. This time with Plus 2012 version, it is ready to protect you against malicious software, spyware, viruses and every other threats in a rather more acceptable way. This is exceedingly counseled software by testing laboratories and security experts. Also this is a best intrusion prevention system and integrates well with other Norton products. But web based protection is not much effective as compared to the full Norton Suite.

2. Webroot Secure Anywhere Antivirus: The most extraordinary thing I felt about this antivirus programs is this that installer and program both are minute. Scanning also performs in a fairly fast manner, still providing you effective cover against all security threats. It has been rated very good for malware blocking and removal by many test labs. But a downside of this program is this that anti-phishing protection is not superb and anti-phishing tools are very advanced for a median user.

3. Bitdefender Antivirus And 2013: A major feature is preinstall scan, that makes your installation smooth. Also the alternate OS Rescue mode scan does not need you to burn CD. Some other major features include a safe browser for finance transactions, facebook and twitter protection etc. Also it has got excellent scores from test labs for malicious software and phishing protection. Nonetheless if you are going to cleanup an infested system, then it might take a tiny bit longer and can also cause some collateralised damage. This is the one drawback of this antivirus program.

Neil Rubinson is an antivirus and security software expert in Bitdefender Incorporated. He personally suggests you to give an attempt to Bitdefender Internet Security 2012, which can provide you effective defense against all offline and online threats.

World-wide-web access at school ordinarily permits the students to study and obtain info pertaining to education, however the students, also wanting access to their favorite social web sites which include Facebook, have found a way about the blocks by working with proxy web sites for school. Firewalls are made use of by schools to help defend their computers from likely viruses and crashes.

What’s a Proxy Web page for School ?

A Proxy Webpage is actually a internet site online that permits the student to bypass the school’s Firewall restrictions for the internet, a closed doorway. Assume of a Proxy Webpage as an open doorway. In one area is definitely the student’s laptop or computer; in the other area is the web page the student wants to view. The Proxy Web site permits the student’s laptop or computer to access the restricted web site via the open doorway.

How does a Proxy Internet site Work ?

The student sorts within the Proxy’s IP (net protocol) address along with a form will appear where the preferred webpage address can be entered. The Proxy site, not the student, then visits that preferred website and the school’s world-wide-web only sees the Proxy web sites address getting visited. A Proxy Web page will allow the student to bypass and unblock Facebook at school at the same time as other restricted internet sites.

Advantages of Employing a Proxy Web page

– Allows Anonymous Web Surfing

-The Student’s I.P. Address Hidden

-Student’s Simple Data is hidden

-Can stop a computer from becoming compromised or hacked

The Proxy Website’s Lifespan

Normally, the lifespan of a Proxy Web page is limited simply because the moment it really is discovered and utilised frequently, it truly is probable for the school’s web program to identify use of that I.P. address and block it too. Now the student will have to have to go in search of a fresh web page and maintaining a list of quite a few web-sites is actually a good concept. Locating a Proxy Website is easy by browsing the net. Lists of common internet sites are available along and precise Proxy Websites that unblock Facebook at school. Students should do the study on what the need is then will probably be able to pick the top proxy web-sites for school.

Jake Olman is really a techonology enthusiast who likes to make use of Facebook at School. Jake runs a web site that enables you to discover how you can unblock web sites at school. Head on more than for much more info.

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