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The Internet's Impact on the Environment Infograhic: Is the Internet Damaging Our Planet?

Infographic by WordStream Internet Marketing

My fascination with security cameras with DVR began when I purchased one for a school project. I didn’t genuinely use it for protection purposes but my experience with 1 persuaded me to get more and use them for my private protection.

I was preparing to make a documentary in regards to the seaside culture in Miami. The focus was about the variations in attitude or customs of those who lived in Miami compared with the vacationers who frequented the beaches there.

It was crucial for me that my subjects had been unaware that they were being filmed. I needed them to act as normally as possible with out being distracted. All of us know that people’s actions alter as quickly as they see a digital camera so I needed 1 that was inconspicuous but would nonetheless give me distinct recordings.

Luckily, I stumbled on some hidden spy camera eyewear sunglasses. This surveillance digicam allowed me the freedom to record anybody at any time without their knowing. Because of its style, no one around the beach would look at me twice or wonder what I was doing. I could mix in easily.

At 1st, I was hesitant because I suspected that no matter how ingenious the style was, it will lack the functions that I required to obtain excellent video and sound. This would defeat the entire objective of using a covert digital camera. I was pleasantly surprised to realize that the hidden spy digital camera eyewear sunglasses that I discovered actually had excellent specs.

I needed the hidden spy digital camera eyewear sunglasses to get long-lasting battery life because I would be filming for hours with out the chance to recharge. Thankfully, it was so. I also had to have huge storage for all my footage. This gadget actually could carry 4 GB of built-in memory that may further be expanded to 8 GB using the addition of a micro SD card.

Using the hidden spy digicam eyewear sunglasses, I was in a position to get all of the video that I preferred with almost no energy. No 1 minded me as I walked along the seashores and noticed the people there. I even got to do interviews without the interviewees knowing that I was filming them. Needless to say, my project went off with out a hitch.

Following I got an A for that class, I began contemplating other protection cameras with DVR. Since it was so straightforward to use my spy digital camera, I believed that I could purchase other sorts. I planned on installing one in my dorm room and an additional in my vehicle. I could even suggest that my buddies get some for themselves.

Lars A Pearst is a leading supplier of Security and Surveillance systems. He offers a wide array of products that consist of hidden cameras, nanny cams, home surveillance systems, and DVR camera systems.

Think about your daily life: go through your twenty four hour routine. Amidst all of the stuff you have to do, technology is embedded within. It starts in the morning; if you are an average worker, you have to turn on your car to get to your place of work. Before that, again probably for most, you have to power on your coffee maker to get you going for the rest of the day! Many people claim that they cannot even think before a cup of coffee. After you have used your trusty machines to get you started, you are at work.

That is, if your first destination is work. Maybe you need to make a side trip for some food, so you key it into your handy dandy Global Positioning System (GPS for the tech savvy) and drive off where the satellites guide you. Your robotic computer voice will show you the best route, glancing down at your pinpoint from space. At the fast food joint, you use a small piece of plastic to pay for your food, something an early colonist would have thought was alien technology. Another thing they would have been shocked about too: such an abundance of food!

Once you’ve inhaled your fuel supply for the rest of the day, you have most likely circumvented traffic with your GPS and arrived at work on time. Assuming you are employed at a big company managing a small piece of the business, your life for the rest of the remaining work day revolves solely around computers. The business you do all day relies completely on technology ; even the human driven elements of the business would fail without a technological medium.

You hop on your computer and log into your security password protected accounts and start filing away all of the days work. You then come across some sort of conundrum in your files and have to call your supervising manager. Through the phone service, you have just solved a problem with your files, your computer, and can now get back to work. Technology facilitates nearly every aspect of a business. The problem is though, in your little corporate world, you sometimes forget to factor the outside world, except when it comes to sales.

When you are at your executive conferences and the guy in charge asks how your team can bolster sales of a product, obviously the key is appealing more to the customers. After all, they are the ones you are vying for and the ones who pay to have your business continue to flourish. The most common method of reaching people is through advertising, so you set out on getting some ad space and set up some sort of pitch. Would you ever in a million years think to tell people you will exchange some of your company’s personal information for their business?

This sounds absurd, and would probably fail as a viable marketing ploy. It also makes no sense, as giving away personal details of your company would allow the holder to steal from or make decisions that could negatively affect you and the other workers. With this kind of information, you might as well have handed them the keys to the company. The money that they gave you in exchange for intimate access to your company’s data would actually enable them to re-wire the money back to them, so you would gain nothing at all.

Although nobody in their right minds would attempt the above scheme, one has to realize and accept that people can get gain access to such information without having to take part in your venturous marketing ploy. If a hacker so choose to, they could just break into the computer you used that day to sign into your accounts at work. Then, if they are experienced and know how to hide their identities, they would never be caught. So while technology escorted you through your tough morning, it could also be the downfall of your business.

If these criminals can break through our security systems and not be caught, then how in the world do we stop them? Obviously the quickest answer one can come up with is to simply bolster your online security with more and more systems, but this is not always the solution. Simply enough, the best thing to do is just be more vigilant when surfing the web and inputting information. There are sites out there that are set up just to steal your information when you log on, and the same is true for hackers preying on businesses. Just don’t give any data from your business, and make sure to always keep important information secured on your computer, and to yourself.

With online fraud and the dangers of identity theft on the rise, you must protect yourself by using a proxy server to access the Internet securely.

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