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The most important and definitive part of being a human is by far our strong awesome of communication. We can speak so deeply and with such feeling that we are unrivaled by any other organism. One might argue that dogs, cats, and other household pets can speak and talk to one another, certainly not to the depth that man can. On top of this, our dominance over any other species’ capacity to communicate comes in our multitudes of ways to express. We can simply share a look and understand a request, we can gesture with our hands, we can look with the eyes, or simply state with heartfelt words. Technology fits two forms extremely well: audio and visual. As it happens, these two types are the true product of the human condition. With these two options and a strong technological backing, we can spread our messages all without even physically being there.

Communication by hearing is always the first one people gravitate towards. Although our sense of hearing may not be as acute as a trained dog’s, we have the ability to understand tones, pitches, and timbres very well. Some people think we should be rid of the polygraph machine, as any person can tell the nuances of the voice of a liar. When not being used to detect criminals, the voice is a strong creative tool as well. Songs are written by musicians with a certain message in mind, and then the words are carefully crafted to fit this message. Then it is up to the listener to intercept the communication, and understand how it applies to them. Luckily though, the listener does not have to wait for their favorite group to come around and play live to hear their message. Technology has allowed these bands to simply record their songs and send them to the Internet. The Internet then allows many people to listen to it without the band even present.

While the voice and spoken word are important, the epitome of man’s existence is based upon the eyes. Our pre-historic ancestors gave us this amazing power of visual tool as a survival tool. Seeing as our society generally has to no longer watch out for careening carnivores or identify predators, sight has become much more enjoyable. The survival instinct is still there though. When you see someone with a weapon, you instantly feel the natural fight or flight reflex. Mostly though, our sense of sight has been for pleasure. Technology has allowed it to be even better too: instead of reading a paperback book anymore, you can simply gaze at a computer monitor. Instead of having to make the long journey out to a relative’s home to see them, you can now just visit their FaceBook or MySpace page. From here you can type the messages and have their replies sent right back conveniently to your page.

These parts of communication are absolutely necessary for humans to spread their messages, in real life or online. The advantage with online and technology is that you can spread the message to many people at once. The web is usually a safe place, and useful for those wishing to communicate or find information, but it has a dark side as well. Online criminals called hackers often patrol the web, waiting for an unsuspecting user to come by. With futuristic tools and tactics, they have the ability to actually break into one’s computer. This leads to another downfall of the Internet; everything up there can simply be copied, pasted, edited, and posted somewhere else. This edit could be done with malicious intent, and suddenly you could find yourself the victim of online libel.

They cannot be caught easily. As scary as it may seem to believe, these Internet criminals leave no footprints, no fingerprints, and are never even at the scene of the crime in the first place. There is no “scene of the crime”! Once inside your computer, they have the ultimate reign over anything they want. Oftentimes they will go after your Internet bank accounts. Suddenly, you could find yourself unknowingly spending money and your bank might take notice. You may then cancel the card or the account, but the damage is done. You are out of a lot of money and a lot of trust, and the hacker gets away, maybe to prey on you again. Just be wary, your virus protector or firewall is not enough. The Internet has a goldmine of information for you, but don’t let it be a hacker’s goldmine of money from you.

When you think about the dangers associated with surfing the Internet you can understand why surfers user IP changer software to hide their IP address. It’s just another more method to keep yourself safe. Remember, privacy on the Internet is not automatic. You have to take measures to ensure that you are secure online.

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Around the globe, the US has men and women serving in the military. These brave people are defending our nation under what can be very harsh conditions. While it can be argued that they chose to serve in the military freely, we still owe them our gratitude. It’s up to us to make certain they have everything they need to be safe when deployed. Safety however, is not just making sure they have the military equipment, it also demands that we provide a way to let off steam. The USO does a great job at this with shows right at the front line. Remember, a soldier’s best weapon is his or her mind. If they are well cared for, they will be better prepared. Years ago, all the military had was R & R, letters from home and the USO. Now soldiers on the front line also have access to other entertainment via the Internet.

So what do they do on the Internet? Believe it or not, many of them watch TV. Sure, they might be able to watch television using a TV set, but the shows available in country are either in a different language or they are old reruns of old American television programs. While I’m sure that “I Love Lucy” is still a favorite, and who doesn’t want to watch “Gilligan’s Island”, current US TV shows are not usually available. On the Internet, they can stream television shows from the cable networks. They could have watched the last episode of “Monk” or the new “White Collar” program on the USA Network. Or maybe they want to watch baseball. The web makes this possible.

Instead of TV, they might be on social networking sites like FaceBook or MySpace. For those who have not served in the army, you can’t imagine how much of a gift these sites are to lonely young men and women far from home. With a click of the mouse, they can see friends and loved ones. They can catch up on the latest happenings in their families or circle of friends. They can see videos, pictures and general news. And maybe, just maybe, some of the loneliness might go away. Sure, they are still at the front. Yes they are still in harm’s way. But they have a connection back to their normal every day lives. Unfortunately, they can’t always connect back to these US sites. You’d think the web is available everywhere.

There are a couple of problems that prevent people from accessing sitesbased in the United States from overseas. The first is that the Internet connection they are using might be censored by the country they are stationed in. Don’t believe me; just do a web search on Internet censorship. You will be both shocked and horrified. What we take for granted in most western nations is not true around the world. The second reason they can’t access some of these sites is purely financial. Many media websites are financed by advertising. Advertisers only want to pay to reach their target market. So for instance, if a candidate for Governor was running ads, they really don’t want to spend money to campaign in Europe. Their target audience is much more defined. As with every problem though, there is always a solution. In this instance the solution is to use a proxy.

For those who don’t know, a proxy is a server that one can connect to. This server will then connect you to the web via its own connection. What does this accomplish? It provides you with a new IP address which is based in the US. You are not visiting websites via your own connection, but instead you are using the ISP that the proxy subscribes to. What you’re dealing with there is surfing the web using a computer across the ocean. The moral aspect is up to you, but if you get a proxy with decent encryption, the ISP you use overseas will never know the difference. This is also a great way to protect your privacy. By using a proxy you will be able to hide your identity while catching up on your favorite shows. The one thing you don’t want to do in a war zone is broadcast who you are and what you are doing. With that in mind, start shopping for a good proxy today. Once you arrange a good one, you will be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite shows.

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Something very frightening is happening on the Internet that many parents are not aware of. Most parents realize there are predators online, though many do not understand they are actually organized. Yes there are organized groups that exist that want to exploit your children. They are trying to change the laws of the country to justify their perversions.

It is terrifying that there are people like this. When you are a parent you need to be very active with your children so that they are safe. We are going to discuss some steps to keep your kids safe online. Never allow your kids to post any kind of pictures on the Internet. Do not allow them to use video sharing sites. Many of the pedophiles have been known to post pictures of kids on their websites.

Never allow your children to post pictures, video or audio to their websites. It’s probably a good idea for teenagers not to have adult friends on their social account in less they are teachers or someone that you already know. Many predators have been known to take this information and post it to their own personal website.

If you find a person is e-mailing and instant messaging or chatting with your teenager or child, you should immediately find out who it is. There is a very easy way to find out who the person is that is e-mailing or chatting with your child.

The first thing you should do is go to a site that allows you to perform background checks on the person you are suspicious about. Often they will allow you to simply enter their e-mail address. You can enter their email address and find out if they’ve been convicted of any sort of crime. Most of the time you also get their phone number along with any local and nationwide conviction information. This should give you a good idea whether it uses me concerned your child is talking to.

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Beware! Web surfing will no longer ensure your safety. Your system being free from any viruses is not anymore a guarantee that the information about your computer’s IP address, location, browsing history and all other details will leak out. If your computer is supportive of certain programs such as finger or identity, it is very easy for hackers to find your computer name or worse, your name itself!

If you are really worried about this problem then there is a reason to rejoice. This is the kind of net surfing known as the anonymous web surfing. Generally when you input any information it goes to the host server of the sites and the hackers are experts in intercepting this before it reaches the servers.

There are hackers who can intercept the data packets of these websites and use them to reach at your personal details. But you need not worry. Anonymous web surfing can lessen the risk of your details being leaked. The provision of an anonymous internet proxy server will substitute your IP address with their own thereby hiding your address. Anonymous web surfing will not guard your computer completely against the hackers. But the advantage is that the job of infiltrating into your private territory becomes an arduous task.

Though running a free anonymous proxy might seem to be a brilliant idea. But there are some points to be noted. The proxy service can cost you a fortune. It occupies a lot of bandwidth which might lead to additional expenses. On the top of it, if the proxy service is not properly configured, the whole attempt for privacy might get arrested.

To make matters worse, with the escalating demand for free proxy service, there are software packages developed by hackers themselves. Hence, you have to be careful in picking up the right service providers in anonymous web surfing.

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I take it that you are interested in making your slow computer faster. I’ll let you in on a little secret: tune your virtual memory. Your computer has something called a hard drive which it uses to store files on and something called your RAM (Random Access Memory) that it uses to work with files and programs temporarily. When your computer turns off, the information that was on the hard drive will still be there when you turn it back on, but the information on your RAM will be gone. That’s why it’s a temporary working place.

The name for this space on your hard drive is called a Paging File and is what you need to “tune” if you want to make your slow computer a bit faster. Your paging file is designed to be two different sizes that it moves in between: the Initial Size and the Maximum Size. Since these two sizes are constantly changing it causes your paging file to work inefficiently. All you have to do is to just make your paging file the same size and it will help you make your slow computer faster. Here’ what to do:

If you are a Windows XP user just click Start and right click My Computer and now select Properties. Now click on the Advanced tab and then under the area that says “Performance” just click on the Settings icon. A new window should appear. Just click on the Advanced tab at the top of the window and then under the Virtual Memory section, click on Change. Just make sure to look under where it says “Drive [Volume Label]” and make sure that your C: is highlighted. Now just look under Page file size for selected drive and select Custom Size.

Under the area that says “Total page file size for all drives section”, remember the amount that says Recommended as that will be important. What ever number is recommended just type it into both boxes that say “Initial Size” and “Maximum Size”. Now click Set and then Ok. To finish, just click Apply on the next window and then OK.

If you are a Windows Vista user, start off by clicking Start. Now click on the Control Panel icon and on the left hand side make sure Classic View is selected. Double click on the System icon and on the left side of the window, click on the Advanced System Settings. Select the Advanced tab in that window and then under the small section that is labeled Performance just click on Settings. A new window should appear so just click on the Advanced tab and under the virtual Memory section, click on Change. Now un-check the “Automatically manage paging file size for all drivers”. Pay attention to the area that says “Drive [Volume Label]” and make sure that C: is selected so that it is highlighted. Look under Page “file size for selected drive” and click on Custom Size. Under the area that says “Total page file size for all drives section” look at the amount that says Recommended. The number that it says should be recommended just type that into both boxes where it says Initial Size and Maximum Size. Now click on Set, then Ok. For the next window just select Apply and Ok also.

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Before buying a spyware software suite almost all people ask the same question. What is the most efficient spyware software available today? This may look like an easy question. But, there is no one program that is best for everyone. Consider purchasing spyware defense like getting a car. While you may desire fuel effectiveness someone else may pay more attention to power or safety. What works for someone else may not necessarily work for you. However, there are things that everyone must think of before choosing antispyware The following is a short list of items you may want to consider when you are shopping around.

Comfort of Operation The majority of persons opt for a program that operates in the background and never demands a lot of support. On the other hand some people opt for learning everything that occurs with their PC. Then again some people want the program to handle everything and then announce them before making any changes. You should decide which type of software you want. Do you wish to spend hours combating spyware, would you rather not know what is going on, or would you like to learn but spend very little time messing with the program?

What Sum Are You Going to Pay? Spyware program is available for a huge variety of different prices today. You can spend 10 to 500 dollars depending on what you want and what number of computers you are protecting. The key to finding the right cost is setting a budget before you begin searching. A plenty of spyware products offer add-ons that offer huge advantages with your purchase. When you purchase your spyware defense you may get a music program for half price. The thing is, do you need a music program. Establish your budget before you start searching and you will not be sucked in by the deals that sound too good to pass up.

How Long Does the Program Last? When you buy spyware defense programs you are able to buy defense for a definite term or for the lifetime of your computer. Spyware is always shifting and evolving. A program that works today will not be quite effective tomorrow for the purpose to get rid of spyware if it is not updated. Consider whether or not you will pay for updates before you buy. A cheap program may not be such a great deal if you are permanently paying for updates each month.

Selecting the most effective spyware software is not always easy. However, if you will spend certain time to identify the things you demand you may often save time, economize money, and find the most efficient program for you once you begin searching.

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