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There have always been criminals in any society. Wherever someone has wealth and enjoys prosperity due to their hard work, some other denizen of society who gives no effort into life comes and along and robs him of it. The most classic example of the criminal.

This type of criminal would have a starring role in an old mobster film, the ones so overplayed they would be in a stark non-color version. As with their movie persona, these guys committed some atrocities. The film portrayals simply scared viewers, but street crooks are the ones to be held accountable for most of the fright and damage to citizens. These bad guys are the ones who make the streets unsafe at night, and are bait for sensationalist news reports adding to the hysteria.

These guys were the worst of the worst in their time. They were the scum of the Earth, the ones that, when families saw their mug shots on television, would shield their kid’s eyes, as if their gaze had some strange powers. These were the reasons that America walks on eggshells with its prison system. It is a strange thing that such a free society breeds: you have these excellent freedoms, yet it is just hoped for that you will not abuse them. Unfortunately, while most of us follow our guidelines, guys like these don’t and it affects the rest of us harshly.

The criminals of the olden days, the kind that would stop you in a desolate corridor with their various weapons and then pilfer all of your goods, although were at one time the worst of the worst, are child’s play to our bad guys of recent. The criminals of today have one huge advantage: they have assimilated technology into their misdeeds. One might at first consider that technology is with the boys in blue, making it simpler and more efficient to get these criminals, but in fact it helps the crooks to hide themselves. The criminals have become one with the high-tech equipment and become very skilled in its use.

Think of the average crime scene. An sly criminal who wanted some money would see a rich-looking person, and judge their odds of winning. Weapons brandished and in a sequestered location they would confront their target, wave the gun around, and proceed to take their money. Once they get all of the money out of the wallet, they would tell the victim to not call the police. They would then sprint all of the way to their hideout and lay low for a little while, until the police were off of them.

In those times of old, only very rudimentary methods of catching the criminals existed, nothing like using satellite location and GPS tracking. These factors did not hurt the law too much though: with a well-staffed and highly trained police force, the thief was often caught quickly. There was not any tools of the trade they could make use of to try and scramble the evidence or hide themselves quickly. Once they were apprehended, there was no DNA clues to tie them at the crime scene, instead there was only a basic line-up and the victim, where the victim identified their abuser.

Technology to the rescue then, right? Unfortunately, this is not all true. While our steps in producing DNA tracking, fingerprints and other high tech commodities, these tools also aid the suspect’s evasion of justice. An automobile is the highest technology a criminal today needs to disappear; it doesn’t matter is they know the criminal’s name. If they can’t go out and get them, all of their data and leads are just paperweights. Many criminals, like hackers and identity thieves accomplish their economic raids through the web, so there is not a real crime scene!

A crime where there is no scene; the perfect crime. These online perpetration’s are quite difficult for law enforcement, as there is no real site of the deed, and a criminal can conceal while online. Another harrowing fact is that these identity thieves and hackers, as was stated before, are not usually caught and carried to justice. So not many reliable ways through to effectively thwart them, we can only hope to preemptively hide ourselves from their attacks. Always be very wary online, and protect yourself with a variety of online safety tools such as an IP masker. Steer clear of darkened alleyways!

How to Mask Your IP Address
By Michael Baker

Right now, as you are reading this article, there was an entry made into an online database being built about you. Your geographic location was entered, along with the website you are on, what page of the website you are on, and how long you will stay on this website. This data is being collected to better determine your behavior on the internet, and what sort of patterns you may have. They are trying to figure out what sort of web sites you frequent to show you better related ads. They way all of this is being done is with your IP address. This is why it is important for you to learn how to mask your IP address.

I am not really sure about you, but I prefer to maintain my internet privacy. It is not that I am going to any shady places online. I look at it from the point it is really no ones business where I am going online, and what I am looking at. And, there really is no way around not having an IP address. You need one to get online. And since these internet addresses are arranged and organized by locations, they know exactly where you are, and with a little legal effort, can find out who you are just by your geographic location. So, how do we prevent this? We mask your IP address.

In order to hide your identity on the internet, you need a new IP address. This is not something you can do by yourself. There is no setting in your Control Panel you can change that will update and change your IP address. This is only done with software. This sort of software will allow you to hide your IP address, and take on the address in another location. It is a very sophisticated software package, which makes it very effective. The better part is it takes less than 5 minutes to have it installed and working. It is super simple to do this by yourself. Once installed, you are no surfing the internet in stealth mode.

I believe you need to protect your identity at all times. I mean, you only have one identity. If it gets taken, talk about a mess trying to clean it up. Using an location masker is one of the methods used to protect your online identity and your internet privacy. Just by using this software, you will be sure no one knows where you are from, what you are looking at, and how long you were there. This type of software is the only way to mask your IP address.

One of the best methods to maintain your internet privacy is to hide your IP address. In less than 5 minutes, you can have your online identity protected. Visit for more information and to see what your actual IP address is.

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