Not all IP masking sites or IP masking software is the same.  There are a number of things to consider when choosing how to mask your IP address.

First you must consider the reason why you are masking your IP address.  Are you trying to bypass posting limits?  Are you trying to access a blocked website?  Are you trying to protect your online identity?  Each of these questions requires slightly different answers.  For that reason, I suggest that you consider Mask IP address by Privacy Partners.  Here’s why:

If you are trying to bypass posting limits, then you need IP masking that has multiple server locations with multiple IP addresses.  This way you can switch your IP address either automatically, manually or both.  The Mask IP proxy by Privacy Partners has multiple servers each with randomly rotating IP addresses.  This gives you the best of both worlds and enables you to bypass restrictive posting limits.

If you are trying to access a blocked website, then again, you need multiple server locations.  Further you need servers in the United State to access some US content and servers outside of the United States to access non-US content.  Their IP masking has servers in the US and the Netherlands so you can access both US and European content.  This is especially helpful for US citizens traveling abroad or US service men and women stationed overseas.  With this IP masking you can watch US Internet TV and access other US media sites.

Are you trying to protect yourself?  Then having an IP masking software that encrypts its communications makes you much more secure.  With encryption your Internet browsing is masked from your ISP or hackers.  This way you are not only anonymous on the Internet, you are also secure.

The main reason I like their product is because it comes with a 7 day free trial.  You can sign up for the free IP masking trial by clicking this Mask IP link.

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